Welcome to Japa Care

The chanting of the Holy names of the Supreme Lord, the Hare Krishna Maha mantra, is the one and only hope for our life. Even though we know this very clearly still we are struggling so much to chant the Holy names. We need some supportive and caring system for our chanting. Japa Care System is providing that support and care for our chanting. Even if someone is new and chanting only one round still he should take the support of this Japa Care System without any hesitation.

Please always remember that our mind always want to cheat us especially when it comes to chanting. These following vows are meant to save ourselves from our dangerous mind.

  • I take a vow to try my level best to enter my Japa every day. (In case of unavoidable reason, if you are not able to enter Japa for a particular day there is a facility in Japa Care System so that you can enter your Japa later also.)
  • I take a vow to enter my Japa as it is for a particular day even in case I chanted less than committed number of rounds or even zero rounds. (In case of unavoidable reason, if you are not able to chant your committed number of rounds there is a facility in Japa Care system so that you can enter your remaining rounds later also.)

If someone follows these vows sincerely & genuinely and declares his Japa publicly in the assembly of Vaisnavas then his mind never degrades him. Since everybody is seeing our Japa, naturally our accountability for Japa increases. Also we get lot of inspiration by seeing other's Japa. By this Japa becomes center of our life.

Japa Care software system is made in such a way that when someone is not entering Japa for consecutive 2 months, then his account gets deleted automatically. If he wants to rejoin, then he needs to create new account once again.